02 Duben 2007
Kategorie: Mlogoviny

Existuje spousta muziky, kterou mám hodně naposlouchanou. Je mnoho kapel, které znám velice dobře a jsem schopen o nich něco napsat. Co ale dělat s objevy, na které náhodně narážím na myspace.com, last.fm či jinde na internetu? Jde třeba o nahrávky, které se k nám do Čech ani nemají šanci dostat, ale přesto by byla škoda je přehlédnout. Proto zakládám novou rubriku - Jednohubky.

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  1. Petr Nýdrle:

    Souad Massi


    “The new star in the heavens over the Sahara is called Souad Massi“ (Stereo). In the space of just two years, Algerian songwriter and guitarist Souad Massi has become the best-known singer in the Arab world and has conquered the world music scene with her albums Raoui and Deb. Her colourful tapestry of sound is woven from a slither of Andalucian flamenco, a soupcon of Indian fi lm music, a pinch of rock and folk and a hint of French chanson, all brought together by a healthy dose of Arabic rhythm. Souad Massi’s music is marked by strong emotions and a deep sadness far removed from traditional Algerian rai pop. But this is precisely what makes her so irresistible, so personal and stirring. Her melancholic ballads deal with yearning and passion, but also tackle wider issues such as the role of women and the political situation in her native country. Souad sings in Arabic over her acoustic guitar, but her phrasing also carries a distinctive note of Andalucian modulation.

    Petr Nýdrle

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